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Digital globalization: The new era of global flows

Soaring flows of data and information now generate more economic value than the global goods trade. Conventional wisdom says that globalization has stalled. But although the global goods trade has flattened and cross-border capital flows have declined sharply since 2008, globalization is not heading into reverse.

To render an organization capable of connecting teams digitally a completely different way of organizing people in digital space is required. At PeopleOrg we call that type of organization a ‘Molecular Organization’.

Developing Insight is critical for you as an individual as well as for any enterprise or organization. Without deeper insight you simply cannot make a distinction between what is relevant at a given point in time or not. Wisdom arise out of a number of consecutive insights that merge together as a whole. At any cost your are required to gather guiding insights that shed light on what truly matters, what’s not and how matters are interconnected. Find the best methods, the best competence and tools to aid you in this endeavor.

To be human is to be social!

Digital intelligence is crucially needed to help us find and create the answers, but human beings in interaction are needed to define the problems and ask the questions–also in the future.

Esko Kilpi

The Wisdom Bridge
Jan Friman

People Are We - A ‘virtual Hollywood’ where a Network of Teams jointly co-create value and engage in continuous mutual learning for sustainable growth.

Digital Infrastructure is quickly becoming a competitive tool to acquire proper talent as well as get the most out of them once in place. There is truly a maze to get to the secret sauce of establishing efficient and productive teams. Where you need rapid and accurate development and delivery - it’s a must!

Deep listening require the motivation to truly understand without judging who’s right or wrong. Understanding what is of essence require reflection, or deep thinking. Connecting the dots require conversation and more deep listening. It’s not how much you talk that count rather what you say that matters. Always listen deeply, where your heart lies. That’s where you encounter the essence of what matters and create meaning. #JF